Hotel Sogo: At the Forefront of Safety Innovations in the New Normal

Hotel Sogo continues to do it so GOOD. After pioneering an unparalleled benchmark of CLEANLINESS in the hospitality industry, the 100% Filipino-owned hotel chain in the country, once again, became the first to implement innovations of international standards to ensure guest SAFETY, amidst the COVID-19 threat.

When businesses and industries were being slammed by the impact of the pandemic, Hotel Sogo faced the challenges by focusing first on the safety of its guests and even its employees through the Hotel Sogo’s 11 Innovations. After all, Hotel Sogo has always been known for championing guest safety and satisfaction.

“Here at Hotel Sogo, we have been in constant efforts to go beyond the new normal protocols, as early as when the pandemic hit the country, in March 2020. From that point on, we wasted no time to research and heavily invest in developing innovative ways to upgrade our safety system, especially in the aspects of cleanliness and sanitation.” Ms. Sue Geminiano, Hotel Sogo Corporate Marketing Head, said. Aside from the enhanced minimum standard protocols such as no contact fixtures and thermal scans, Hotel Sogo introduced remarkable improvements and innovations that the management applied across its branches.

These are the UVC disinfection in rooms, lobbies and air-conditioning units, increased ventilation in rooms, microbial testing (method to indicate the presence and amount of microorganisms), COVID sniffer dogs, reduced touchpoints, and application of anti-microbial coatings on frequently touched surfaces.

“Hotel Sogo continues to implement changes as the pandemic situation evolves. Our strategy simply revolves around four (4) major objectives to keep our hotels safe. These are the reduction of touchpoints, improvement of air quality, disinfection, and testing. Regular testing of all these protocols is important to make sure that all these innovations are totally effective. We will continue to protect and care for our guests and develop more upgraded protocols even after the pandemic to live by our so clean, so good and now, so safe standards”, Ms. Geminiano added.

As part of its pandemic response, Hotel Sogo extended its commitment to caring for the Filipinos by supporting and providing assistance to various communities nationwide through its Corporate Social Responsibility program, Sogo Cares.

“Recently, we donated food packs with linens and towels to the fire victims of Manila. We also provided essential needs such as bottled water, linens, pillows, surgical masks, pillowcases, and mattresses to the Philippine General Hospital in coordination with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). We also participated in various community pantries in areas of Bulacan and Quezon City. Even at this time of eased restrictions, Hotel Sogo is still accepting frontliners, essential workers, repatriated OFWs, seafarers, and economic workers across all Hotel Sogo branches. We are also accommodating those who prefer long-term stays for their work purposes. Over the course of six (6) years, starting from 2015, Hotel Sogo through its Corporate Social Responsibility program Sogo Cares has conducted over 400 medical missions with 100,000 plus beneficiaries, led over 600 donations with more than 170,000 beneficiaries”, Ms. Geminiano, proudly stated.

Amidst the changing landscape in the hospitality industry in the era of new normal, Hotel Sogo continues to lead the way in providing safe accommodation to guests and unceasing care to all the clients it serves.

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